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Thunder Bay Fishing Advertising Services

  Thunder Bay Fishing has been online for 11 years. It has been an established fishing site for the Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario Region for the last 8 years. Many sites try to guarantee that your business will get a lot of web traffic because they claim X amount of hits per month to their site.. I won't. Why? Because I can't promise that someone will click on your link. What I can promise is that your ad will be viewed as to allow maximum exposure on my website and in return, traffic to your website.

  For twenty dollars a month your ad will be on the Thunder Bay Fishing Message Board in an un-advertised section of your choice, a banner in the rotation which also occurs on many other pages of Thunder Bay Fishing and on the appropriate page pertaining to your business. If I don't have a page according to your business then I'll make one.

Here's my stats for March 1-12, 2009.

Day Number of visits Pages Hits
01 Mar 2009 1044 7075 64633
02 Mar 2009 1464 8744 77581
03 Mar 2009 1369 8835 76868
04 Mar 2009 1143 7950 67556
05 Mar 2009 1097 7188 66083
06 Mar 2009 1122 7829 72375
07 Mar 2009 1198 7447 59808
08 Mar 2009 1014 9862 84407
09 Mar 2009 975 8297 76390
10 Mar 2009 1037 9266 85407
11 Mar 2009 1283 8060 71788
12 Mar 2009 1054 6560 62040

So for $20.00 a month, let's say not eating at McDonalds with a date once a month will get you some pretty good ad placement on Thunder Bay Fishing!

Minimum ad placement is 3 months.

If you want to discuss advertising with Thunder Bay Fishing please email me at mayerrc@tbaytel.net