Brook Trout (Speck, Coaster)

Brook trout is a cold water sport fish highly sought in Northwestern Ontario. The world record Brook Trout came from the Nipigon River with the Nipigon strain of Brook Trout providing some of the largest natural Brook Trout in North America. Although referred to as a trout, they are actually members of the Char family. Along with Lake Trout, they are the only native species of trout in the region ad rainbow and brown trout have been introduced through stocking.

A population of brook trout native to Lake Superior, who enter streams and rivers to spawn, are locally known as coasters. It is also known more widespread as speckled trout or squaretail (a defining feature of the fish).

Fish Facts

Lifespan: 7 Years
Maximum Age: 15 Years (est.)
Habitat: Inland lakes, rivers, streams. Clear water with good oxygenation.
Spawning: Fall 
Spawn habitat: Gravel beds in rivers where groundwater percolates through
Foods: Surface flys, nymphs, aquatic insects, other smaller fish, cannibals, 

World Record: 14.5 lbs (1916 – Nipigon River)
Common Baits: Artificial Flys, Lures (Spoons), Live Bait (worm/minnow)

Length to weight Formula:

W= length  x  Girth2  ÷  800
where weight is in pounds, length and girth are in inches.

Loads of Brook Trout Information here!

Brook Trout Heaven

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Nipigon river

Wanting to try to fish the river this year. Have heard many different things from too rough to just throw in a spinner for brookies. I had planned on launching right in nipigon. Any advice?

Good place to catch specs from shore?

Looking for a decent place to go catch some specs from shore. Anywhere within 1 hr of Tbay. I would be travelling on enduro so small trails into the bush are not a problem.


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I recently caught some lake trout and was wondering if anyone tried to make fish patties or cakes and if you could share the recipe


Small trout lake/pond

Are there and small lakes or ponds that hold specks, Rainbow Trout/Steelhead,brown trout all together other than Tamblyn

Brook trout in arrow??(size, west or east?)

I know the mnr stocked the west arrow narrows with brookies a while back but are they just in that area? or have they been caught throughout the whole lake??! has any been caught there recently ? and is there any good sized?

stocked speck/splake lakes

I am going to take my kids out for the day tomorrow. Right now planning on Stephens Lake, but open to suggestions depending on on any recent success?

Thx in advance,


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