Walleye are an abundant and widespread fish throughout Northwest Ontario. A prized game fish which is easy to fillet (boneless) with a mild flavoured white flesh.

Largely olive and gold in colour (not to be confused with their brown/copper cousins the Sauger) with large teeth.

Fish Facts

Lifespan: Mature in 4-5 years.

Maximum Age: 25 Years

Habitat: Weed beds/rocky shoals near deeper pockets

Spawning: Springtime (6-10 C)

Spawn habitat: rivers/rocky shoals in bays

Foods: Carnivorous. Crayfish, minnows, leeches

World Record: 22lb 11 Oz (Arkansas)

Common Baits: Minnows, Leeches, Artificial tubes/Jigs, Worms

Length to weight Formula:

W = Length x Girth x Girth /750

where W = weight in pounds, Length and Girth are in inches.

Angling for Walleye

Northwestern Ontario is blessed with an abundance of lakes and Rivers, a lot of which hold good populations of walleye. Probably the number one sought after sport fish in the region, it has been commercially fished (in some cases destroying populations).

Walleye get their name from their large golden eyes which point outwards (towards the wall). This results in a unique eye shine in the dark and is directly related to their low-light seeing ability.

Preferred angling methods regionally are simple minnow/jig-head or jig tube/jig-head set-up. Another growing method recently has been a worm on a “slow death” hook. When trolled, the worm spirals.

The most effective times for walleye fishing are in low light conditions when the fish come from the deeps to the shallows to feed en mass. Low light conditions can also occur when its overcast or if there’s a good chop on the water (walleye chop ). The walleye chop has an added bonus of washing food that brings in the fish.

How to Fillet a Walleye

About Walleye

walleye shore fishing

anyone know any decent spots to fish walleye from shore I dont mind driving an hour or so out I was thinking dog river but I dont think they will be in there this time of year any suggestions??

Microwaved Walleye

Super fast and pretty tasty. Melt a spoon full of margarine or butter in a glass dish pour in lemon juice and mix it up with salt and pepper. Lay fillets in glass dish cover with saran wrap poking a few holes with a fork in it. Place in microwave on high for 3...

Walleye Pizza

Pizza…. filet walleye, cube in small pieces and coat with olive oil, roughly break/mash one tin of whole plum tomatoes and spread the flesh of the tomatoe over whole wheat pizza dough, rough chop fresh basil and lay it over the tomatoes, grate partly skimmed...

Grilling Walleye

Grill it! Debone your walleye fillets but leave the bark on… lay the fillets on the grill on medium low heat and brush with any kind of mustard/mayo/lemon juice combo according to your taste and dietary limits. Close the lid and check occasionally. 10-15 minutes...

Ice fishing Lake Superior walleyes

Dear board members

I was wondering if anybody tried in the past ice fishing for walleyes south of bent island pearl or anywhere that you are allowed to keep walleye on Lake Superior

Thanks weekend coaster

When the pencil reeds sing

When the pencil reeds sing

Many years ago, early in my Walleye hunting days, probably around 1969, I had an introduction to a different and somewhat unusual technique ( at least to me at the time ) on catching Walleye. I was still in my teens and had spent many many days putting in my time on...

FMZ and Pickeral (Walleye) limits

FMZ and Pickeral (Walleye) limits


If I catch 2 pickerel over 18 inch in FMZ 9 (the limit is 2 any size) and put them in the freezer and the next week go to FMZ 6 can I only keep 2 and can one still be over 18 inches?


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