Yellow Perch (Jumbos)

Yellow perch are a much sought after pan fish in the region. Typically fished for through the ice or in spring, Jumbo perch (much larger members) are a schooling fish common throughout the region.

Commercial overfishing on Lake Superior has greatly impacted the Perch fishery, however there seems to be a resurgence through conservation efforts and less commercial fishing on the Lake.

Considered to be one of the tastiest fish species in the area.

Fish Facts

Lifespan: 9-10 years
Maximum Age:
Habitat: Weed beds/rocky shoals near deeper pockets
Spawning: Springtime (6-12C)
Spawn habitat: Shallows, low current streams/creeks
Foods: Aggressive feeders Рaquatic insects, small minnows

World Record: 4lb 3 Oz (New Jersey)
Common Baits: Minnows, small artificial tubes/jigs, Worms, spinners, small spoons

Length to weight Formula:

Angling for Perch

Hard water

A common method of perch fishing is ice fishing. Small jigs tipped with a little bait. Finding or attracting the schools can be difficult however they tend to congregate in the same shallow feeding areas both for food and as protection form larger species who like to eat them.


Springtime is a great time for jumbo perch fishing as they head to the shallows in large schools for spawning. Nipigon has a childrens fish derby around the perch “run” on the long weekend of May.

Small worm/minnow tipped hooks, spinners, jigs and even small little cleo’s can catch fish when their in the mood.

Perch fishing report – May 17, 2013

About Perch

black bay

How’s the ice forming on black bay? Hoping for a shack rental for new years.

Looking for a perch spoon.

This jigging spoon had a small piece of line or a beaded chaing to a hook. they came in different colors. Does anyone know where I can get these in Tbay

Black Bay Perch Fishing


Anybody catching perch yet in black bay?,I went out a couple times last year and it was awesome. We rented a shack from Bear Track Outfitters and it was amazing. We cooked frozen pizzas in the wood stove/oven right in the shack, how cool is that. I hope to be out there again over the holidays if they aren’t all booked up yet.

How to fillet a perch


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