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Salmon Fishing Help/Guideance

Salmon Fishing Help/Guideance


I’m super new to salmon fishing, i just got into it last year and have yet to catch one with probably close to 30hrs of trolling under my belt.

I’ve fished mostly past the break wall and around the welcome islands until today; out of popular suggestion from friends&family i went out to Black Bay this morning.. left at 5am, was dock at 6:30am.

Was on the water for over 6hrs and had no luck.

I currently only have one downrigger; Cannon Digi-Troll 5 & running a stacker line so i can have 2 lines in at once. I plan on getting a second rigger in the future; assuming i can make this fishing hobby something more than being skunked! lol

What i’ve tried:

-Varying trolling speed from 1mph to 4mph. Average speed i was trying was round 2.2-3.0mph. This is logged on GPS.

-An assortment of spoon colors (maybe i should expand my collection beyond spoons? suggestions?) I will attach a picture of all the “salmon spoons” i have, today i tried them all.

-Depth: I’ve had myself in 30-70ft of water. Keeping the downrigger around 20-45ft (depending on bottom depth)

-Today fish were constantly marked everywhere. The sonar reading is 200/83khz, although when i changed it to 200khz (20deg cone aka. 1/3 depth cone) i was still marking fish so they were deff around me. I’ve attached a picture of the graph.

Is there anywhere specific i should go in Black Bay? Attached is my route from today. Suggestions, Hints, and ideas will be greatly appreciated! So new to this type of fishing and it is defiantly an art (or im missing something!)



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tried breakwall

Tried fishing. Inside of breakwall looking for bass. No dice. Did find shallow water around 6-8 ft in places, lots of rock piles and weeds ( May be Last years) . I expected wall to hold shallow warmer water and it did but with temps around 61 I guess no new weeds have grown this year. It looks like decent fish habitat .

Was fishing closer to kam, I may try again near current river. Water should be warmer there . Bound and determined to pull fish off the wall.

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Minnows, Leeches, or Crawlers?

Heading out to Lac on Thursday, and I was thinking about what bait to bring for spinner rigs. What do you guys think?

I normally would hands down opt for minnows, but I was out at a friends camp on Saturday (down Boreal Rd), and couldn’t catch anything on minnows. Every fish caught was either on worms or leeches.


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Salmon on a budget

Just wondering if anyone has tried outside the breakwall using strictly dipsy divers. I just want to give it a try but am not sure if I should stay shallow or go out deep. I also picked up some massive sinkers that only go 10 foot deep. Any suggestions?

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I have been walleye fishing all of my life. Each year I try to learn new techniques in order to become a better fisherperson. I have used various crankbaits over the years with some success but I feel there is a lot more that I could learn about how to use them. I was wondering what styles and colours would be the best to start with? I am going to get some original rapalas, as well I also have shad raps and flicker shads. I have used crankbaits on a bottom bouncer before, is this a successful technique? Any help would be appreciated.

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Tips - Minnows on the bend

Everyone has experienced minnows dying on them. We all go to great lengths trying to keep them alive. Here is a jigging technique I was shown using dead bent minnows. Take 6 or 8 or whatever number you like out of your minnow bucket or livewell and let them die. In about half hour or so rigermortis will set in and the minnows will assume a bent position. Hook them through the head and now when you jig not only do you get the up and down motion, they will also jump side to side as well, driving the fish crazy.

Any other tips or techniques out there?

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When the pencil reeds sing

When the pencil reeds sing

Many years ago, early in my Walleye hunting days, probably around 1969, I had an introduction to a different and somewhat unusual technique ( at least to me at the time ) on catching Walleye. I was still in my teens and had spent many many days putting in my time on various lakes, using various methods and types of bait to catch these mouth watering tasty beasts. I thought I had seen it all and done it all when it came to Walleye fishing.

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Winter Lake Trout Fishing

The Lake Trout, Salvelinus namaycush, is also known as the gray trout, laker and mackinaw. The lake trout is a large, fresh water fish that is native to Canada and Alaska. The lake trout’s life span is approximately 20 years, can grow large than fifty inches and known records exist of the lake trout attaining weights of more than one hundred pounds. The oldest fish taken on record is 65 years old taken in the North West Territories.

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Whitefish Wisdom, Part I

Food for Thought

If you asked most anglers what species they would target during the hard water season, the majority would not list whitefish as their number one pick. Most people think of whitefish as an ugly cousin to walleye and lake trout, something that is caught accidentally on many trips. Yet no one can dispute that once on the end of a line, a whitefish is a tough scrapper and fine table fare. Whitefish as a species of choice for ice fishermen is catching on. Once you find the mother lode, the action can be fast and furious, Finding the fish and then putting them on the end of your line can be as frustrating as it can be rewarding.

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