Fishing from shore

No boat? No problem, there are numerous areas to fish from shore throughout Northwest Ontario for pretty much any species you desire. The tricks to successful shore fishing are location and timing.

The spring rainbow run brings rainbow trout right into our backyards in creeks and rivers on Lake superior, The fall salmon run brings rainbows back and they bring friends (Pink, Coho salmon). Lake trout will also come close to shore in their fall spawning runs in various locations.

So, how about where to fish….

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Tartan lake splake

Anyone been up to tartan yet this year and if so how’s fishing been? I know it slowed down the last couple of years was curious if it has picked up any or been re stocked ?

ice shelters

i am looking to purchase an ice shelter, right now i have a rain check for an eskimo quick fish 3 man pop up, regular 499.99 on sale for 299.99 but its dimensions are only 70 W x 70 D x 80″” H,

woods artic ice shelter is a regular price for 249.99, with 76 L x 76 W x 67″ H dimensions. why is the price range so drastic? im assuming the 500 dollar ice shelter is 100 times better or am i just paying for the “eskimo” name?

crappy tire also has lots of the rappala 6 man shelters in stock for 399.99, if i was a betting man they will be on sale on thursday in the new flyer? any suggestions?

Ice Rod Line

What are you using for line on your walleye light duty ice rods?


Kama Bay

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has been out on Kama yet? Would like to know what ice conditions are like out there.


ice fishing

Hi all. new to the forum and was wondering if anyone has ice fished Adrian Lake for brook trout recently? Any info or input would be helpful. Thanks!

Morrison Lake

Happy New Years everyone…

I have a question regarding Morrison Lake. I attempted to find this lake earlier in the week and came up empty handed… After dragging my gear and sleigh, I came to what appeared to be the lake basin (according to the GPS) but all that was there was a grassy marshland. I’m wondering if beavers have dammed it up somewhere upstream? Does anyone have any info regarding it (not hot fishing spots, just general info on the lake location itself)? I’m not done looking for it, once this white stuff is gone, i’ll attempt to find it again… in much warmer temperatures! Thanks guys…



Diesel heat in ice shack.

So when we built our shack we decided to use an expedition oil heater. I’ve only spent a few nights there so far and have had issues with it. Does anyone else use oil heat, and, if so, do you happen to have a draft control tool? Last time I was there it was running for 8-10 hrs then rumbled and blew the top off…scared the crap out of us! It’s a bit overkill too, we run it on low and always have the windows open or it gets way too hot in the shack. Does anyone have pros and cons about these heaters?? Is wood heat better?

Portable Ice Shanty

I am thinking of buying a new portable, my old one has seen better days. What is everyone using and what do you think is the best.



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