Silver Harbour

Just got back from a quick scouting mission. approx. 12″ of ice, but did not venture across the ridge. Will be heading back there soon with a shelter!

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ice shelters

i am looking to purchase an ice shelter, right now i have a rain check for an eskimo quick fish 3 man pop up, regular 499.99 on sale for 299.99 but its dimensions are only 70 W x 70 D x 80″” H,

woods artic ice shelter is a regular price for 249.99, with 76 L x 76 W x 67″ H dimensions. why is the price range so drastic? im assuming the 500 dollar ice shelter is 100 times better or am i just paying for the “eskimo” name?

crappy tire also has lots of the rappala 6 man shelters in stock for 399.99, if i was a betting man they will be on sale on thursday in the new flyer? any suggestions?

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Fishing Tackle Uses

Hey guys I have a few questions in regards to the uses of two types of lures for this area.

First off is the casting spoons Little Cleos, Pixie Spoons, Gibs Crocodile, Cyclops, etc. I have a pile of these things ranging from the 1/8oz tiny ones up to the 1 oz Giant Little Cleos.

I was wondering what guys in this area are using these spoons for specifically what sizes, presentations and species?

The second question I had was the same as the first but for the Rapala Original Floater and Rapala Jointed both made of balsa wood and don’t dive more then 10′ I have every size of both up to the 18cm giant original floater. I know the Jointed 13 is popular on the Nipigon River for Salmon just looking to see what other techniques guys may be using with these lures and for what species?

Thank You for any help you can offer.

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Ice Rod Line

What are you using for line on your walleye light duty ice rods?


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Kama Bay

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has been out on Kama yet? Would like to know what ice conditions are like out there.


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ice fishing

Hi all. new to the forum and was wondering if anyone has ice fished Adrian Lake for brook trout recently? Any info or input would be helpful. Thanks!

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Soft Baits

Does anyone on this site use rubber swim baits for Walleye ? What is your preference in manufacturer, length, style etc… I have been looking at the Berkley Ripple Shad and Trigger X. Any thoughts ?

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Morrison Lake

Happy New Years everyone…

I have a question regarding Morrison Lake. I attempted to find this lake earlier in the week and came up empty handed… After dragging my gear and sleigh, I came to what appeared to be the lake basin (according to the GPS) but all that was there was a grassy marshland. I’m wondering if beavers have dammed it up somewhere upstream? Does anyone have any info regarding it (not hot fishing spots, just general info on the lake location itself)? I’m not done looking for it, once this white stuff is gone, i’ll attempt to find it again… in much warmer temperatures! Thanks guys…



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