Hazelwood Lake – Thunderbay



Hazelwood Lake in the district of Thunder Bay, Ontario, and is located in a conservation area that branches off of Dawson Road, and approximately 10-15 minutes up the road. It consists mainly of pickerel, pike and perch, but other species are to be found .


Spring fishing always seem to be the best time of year for fishing pickerel, but the fishing is still great throughout the summer and fall if you know the right places to go. When spring fishing I find the best place to go is at the mouth of the river that connects to the lake, and also close to the islands. I like to fish with a jig head and a minnow, or leach, but soft bait often does the trick.


In the summer I like to fish in the shallow bays about 15-20 feet of water, where it is away from the lake a little bit, also if you’re looking for pike a bay is always a good place to look. Once again I would have to say that a jig and minnow do just fine, but bright crank baits sometimes will get a few.


I find that using the same bait, technique and location as you would use while summer fishing is usually successful while fishing during the fall.


I’ve only ice fished here once and was unsuccessful, but if you use a snelled hook and a minnow or soft bait, it should work as it does with almost every other lake


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